I have been in traffic managing for almost 20 years and have had only impeccable service from A.J. Strasinger Trucking. They are always on time and by far the best prices. I was doing business with another company for more than 10 years when I gave A.J. Strasinger Trucking our first flatbed load to move. (The other company was unable to find a driver and truck when I needed them desperately.) A. J. Strasinger came through for me and they were better priced!
It has been over a year since that first load and I am still giving every load I get to A. J. Strasinger Trucking.
C&W Equipment

AJ Strasinger is a very professional and outstanding carrier and I would recommend them without hesitation. They are always available via email, or phone, to quickly respond to my questions and my concerns. They are flexible and have a reasonable rate which is very important. The drivers are very polite, pleasant and professional and they understand the importance of our shipments. It is not just a load to them! I believe that AJ Strasinger goes above and beyond when it comes to their customers and their shipments and that is extremely hard to find and is worth recognizing. Using AJ Strasinger definitely makes my moves smoother and most important - worry-free. There is nothing like the feeling of hearing Andy say "No worries".

Their hard work and effort is much appreciated.

With many thank,

Terri Justice
Stewart Filmscreen

Well what can I say about AJ Strasinger Trucking Company?...nothing but good things. If you are looking for a trucking company who will go out of their way to help you with moving your freight professionally and with care you would be hard pressed to find a better carrier.

Their equipment is up-to-date and always clean and well maintained. they always show up with the right equipment for securing your freight. Their drivers are well mannered and professional. They are always on time for your pick-up and on time for your delivery.

Steve Ziegelmeier
Freeman Enclosures

We have been doing business with Andy Strasinger of A.J. Strasinger Trucking for over 10 years. During this time, A.J. Strasinger has been one of our safest motor carriers, with a strong emphasis on quality drivers and quality equipment. A.J. Strasinger inspects all of their equipment before it leaves the yard to pick up freight. We have built a strong relationship with Andy Strasinger, and he has grown to be one of our best customers.

Don't hesitate to call for reference,
Matt Brands

Brands Insurance Agency, Inc.
PO Box 62267
Cincinnati, Ohio 45262
513.777.7775 (p)
513.777.7782 (f)

ALTRA Machinery Movers & Rigging, LLC would recommend A.J. Strasinger Trucking services to anyone. As a machinery moving and rigging company, the need for a dependable trucking company is a true asset to every job.

A.J. Strasinger Trucking, LLC always provides us with the requested amount of trucks, on time and with professional personnel to take care of business.

ALTRA Machinery Movers & Rigging looks forward to a long relationship with A.J. Strasinger Trucking. My work is planned with confidence knowing that A.J. Strasinger Trucking is on the job.


Chris Altman, President

ALTRA Machinery Movers & Rigging LLC
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                         Covington, KY 41017



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